This page is designed for our players and families to download the forms needed for our program.  Throughout the year, we will post the relevant forms here.  They will be in pdf format so you will need a program which can open a pdf file.

2 thoughts on “Forms

    1. Hi Dawn!
      I am sorry if no one has responded to you sooner. We were in the middle of tournament time and your message got lost in our website email filter. If they have, then that is great and you probably already know what I am writing about.
      I will have Tim Jensen, our coach and program leader, contact you either by phone or email. If you will reply to my email, I will forward that info to him. My name is Scott Stayton. I serve on the Board with the Blazers and handle most of our media.
      We’d love to have you and your daughter check out our program. Thanks so much for your interest!
      Scott Stayton

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